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Asphalt Works

Since inception, Noori Industrial Services has steadily grown and placed itself as one of the most prominent companies in its field. This dedicated team is experienced in all phases of Road and Bridge Construction Infrastructure works and Ground Engineering. The Company owns & operates a sophisticated fleet of modern construction equipment in addition to Asphalt and Wet Mix Plants. A well-structured supply chain ensures smooth operation of its projects.

We have the most advanced asphalt paving equipment for manufacturing, preparing and laying asphalt. Those machineries and paving equipment, combined with our experienced and highly qualified team, provide our customers the best asphalt at the best price. Our asphalt batch plant has the capacity to undertake a vast number of projects and with the support of our Plant Hire Division that provides us with the most reliable asphalt paving equipment such as rollers, graders, and finishers and well-trained operators.

Our Asphalt Process:

Paving roads with asphalt profesionally, then a follow-up by high experienced engineers using modern mechanical equipments, laying the asphalt layer with the required thickness, so that asphalting works should be according to the technical principles, then spraying the site with liquid, adhesive and rapid freezing asphalt layer regularily acording to the governorate specifications, then a layer of hot asphalt batch is paved using the required thicknesses that paves aggregations, this hot layer is compacted using compactor machines untill reaching the required thickness according to the technical principles .